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APRS-WXdata from WS2300 to DIGI_NED


DIGI_NED is running as a APRS WX-station on a old 386 PC with DR-DOS 7.03. It run from a bootable floppy and make a ramdisk where the programs run. I need input to DIGI_NED from my WS2300. Log2300 is nearly to do it and i try to modify log2300.c to a new file: aprs2300.c. MinGW give many errors and i is not able to find what is wrong. Thanks for tips.


Open2300 version: 1.10
Server OS: DR DOS 7.03

-- OlavMagneSundbrei - 12 Sep 2005


Seems like you do not compile the rw2300 library at all.

Why did you delete the SupportRequests page? I can see that you attached a file to the original topic and then deleted the entire topic. It is OK to goof around when you use TWiki the first time but please notify me next time so I can fix it right away.

-- KennethLavrsen - 17 Sep 2005
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