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Problem running xml2300 with Heavyweather



I have been having a difficult time trying to get the xml2300 utility to work with my 2310 Weather station. I have installed HeavyWeather 2.0 Beta, Open2300 and Windows XP. Seldom, but at times I have been able to obtain complete xml file (WData.xml) which is about 3kb.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<ws2300 version="1.0">

Most of the time I get an incomplete file, that is 1kb (here is a printout)

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<ws2300 version="1.0">

This all that is saved/written.

I have the HeavyWeather Beta program set to com1, and from checking the status of the comports, I assumed and set the Open2300.conf to com3

DOS screen:

C:\>cd .\HeavyW~1

C:\HEAVYW~1>Mode com1 /status
Device COM1 is not currently available.

C:\HEAVYW~1>Mode com2 /status

Status for device COM2:
    Baud:            1200
    Parity:          None
    Data Bits:       7
    Stop Bits:       1
    Timeout:         OFF
    XON/XOFF:        OFF
    CTS handshaking: OFF
    DSR handshaking: OFF
    DSR sensitivity: OFF
    DTR circuit:     ON
    RTS circuit:     ON

C:\HEAVYW~1>Mode com3 /Status
Illegal device name - COM3

C:\HEAVYW~1>Mode com4 /status
Illegal device name - COM4

I have attached a copy of the open2300.conf used!

# open2300.conf
# Configuration files for open2300 weather station tools
# Default locations in which the programs will search for this file: 
# Programs search in this sequence:
#  1. Path to config file including filename given as parameter (not supported by all tools)
#  2. ./open2300.conf (current working directory)
#  3. /usr/local/etc/open2300.conf (typical Linux location)
#  4. /etc/open2300.conf (typical Linux location)
# All names are case sensitive!!!

# Set to your serial port and time zone
# For Windows use COM1, COM2, COM2 etc
# For Linux use /dev/ttyS0, /dev/ttyS1 etc

SERIAL_DEVICE                 COM3        # Use the companion to the COM port used by HeavyWeather (ie Com3&Com1)(by L.W.)
TIMEZONE                      -6           # Hours Relative to UTC. East is positive, west is negative

# Units of measure (set them to your preference)
# The units of measure are ignored by wu2300 and cw2300 because both requires specific units

WIND_SPEED                    MPH         # select MPH (miles/hour), m/s, or km/h
TEMPERATURE                   F           # Select C or F
RAIN                          IN          # Select mm or IN
PRESSURE                      INHG         # Select hPa, mb or INHG

#### Citizens Weather variables (used only by cw2300)
# Format for latitude is
# [2 digit degrees][2 digit minutes].[2 decimals minutes - NOT seconds][N for north or S for south]
# Format for longitude is
# [3 digit degrees][2 digit minutes].[2 decimals minutes - NOT seconds][E for east or W for west]
# Use leading zeros to get the format ####.##N (lat) and #####.##E (long)

CITIZEN_WEATHER_ID            CW0000      # CW0000 should be replaced by HAM call or actual CW number
CITIZEN_WEATHER_LATITUDE      5540.12N    # DDMM.mmN or S - example 55 deg, 40.23 minutes north
CITIZEN_WEATHER_LONGITUDE     01224.60E   # DDDMM.mmE or W - example 12 deg, 24.60 minutes east

APRS_SERVER         23     # These are the APRS servers and ports for
APRS_SERVER    23     # Citizens Weather reporting.
APRS_SERVER 23     # They they are tried in the entered order
APRS_SERVER           23     # you may enter up to 5 alternate servers

#### WEATHER UNDERGROUND variables (used only by wu2300)

WEATHER_UNDERGROUND_ID        WUID        # ID received from Weather Underground

### MYSQL Settings (only used by mysql2300)

MYSQL_HOST              localhost         # Localhost or IP address/host name
MYSQL_USERNAME          open2300          # Name of the MySQL user that has access to the database
MYSQL_PASSWORD          mysql2300         # Password for the MySQL user
MYSQL_DATABASE          open2300          # Named of your database
MYSQL_PORT              0                 # TCP/IP Port number. Zero means default

What is happening, or what am I doing wrong? Thank you in advanve for your assistance.


Open2300 version: 1.10
Libraries: mysql, postgresql
Server OS:  

-- LarryWorkman - 17 Jan 2006


I moved your question here.

I do not know what you have been doing. You had edited the home page of the TWikiGuest account. You are supposed to go to SupportRequests and submit your question there.

Also note that TWiki needs an empty line to make a new line. Screen output and text file pieces has to be put between <VERBATIM> and </VERBATIM> tags to be shown correctly as described on the SupportRequests page.

Are you trying to run Heavyweather and open2300 programs simultaneously? You cannot. Only one program can access a serial port at a time.

-- KennethLavrsen - 17 Jan 2006
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