Motion - Command Line Options

Command Line Options

ALERT! In Motion 3.2.1 and forward most command line options have been removed and replaced them by an option to specify location to motion.conf and a few options related to setting up motion. There are now only few command line options left and they are basically all new.

motion [ -hns ] [ -c config file path ] [ -d level ]  [ -p process_id_file ]

Option Description Editors comment
-n Run in non-daemon mode. Instead of running Motion in the background Motion runs in the terminal window writing messages when things happen. If you have problems getting Motion to start or work, run Motion in this mode to get more messages that can help you solve the problem.
-s Run in setup mode. Also forces non-daemon mode
-c config file path Full path and filename of config file. E.g. /home/kurt/motion.conf. Default is /usr/local/etc unless specified differently when building Motion. Many RPMs and debian packages will most likely use /etc or /etc/motion as default
-h Show help screen.  
-d level Debugging mode This mode is used for developers to enable debug messages. Normal users will not need to use this mode unless a developer request to get additional information in the attempt to resolve a bug. Mainly the netcam code has debugging features. The level defines how much debugging info you get. A high number displays all debugging.
-p process_id_file Full path of process ID file Full path and filename of process id file (PID file). This is optional. If none is given as command line option or in motion.conf (process_id_file) Motion will not create a PID file.

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