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Motion Guide

Version 4.0.1 and newer

Note that this Motion Guide is no longer maintained on this site. Motion is now maintained by Mr. Dave and located on Github.

The Motion Guide for all newer versions can be found at

Version 3.2.12


To make the navigation quicker and the Guide easier to overview the Motion Guide is now split in more smaller sections.

There are Motion Guides available (read only) for the last major versions. If you need a Motion Guide for an older version you will find it in the source tar.gz for the version.

A user guide written for "normal" people. Nerds are welcome, too.

Motion Guide is now on a Wiki. Anyone is welcome to participate and improve the Motion Guide. You edit the guide by editing the individual sections. To go to a specific section use the links below. You can also get to the sections by clicking the blue link headlines in the guide. You are encouraged to register (link on the top of the left menu bar) if you want to edit or add to any of the pages on this wiki.

If you read this document from the distribution package of Motion or from some not up to date mirror you should know that the URL for the always up to date version is

Upgraders should read the section Upgrading From Older Version.

See also FrequentlyAskedQuestions.

The Motion Guide pages consists of the following subtopics: MotionOverview, KnownProblems, InstallOverview, PrepareInstall, ConfigureScript, MakeInstall, UpgradingFromOlderVersion, RunningMotionConfigFiles, CommandLineOptions, ConfigFileOptions, SignalsKill, ErrorLogging, CaptureDeviceOptions, MotionDetectionSettings, ImageFileOutput, TuningMotion, MpegFilmsFFmpeg, SnapshotsWebCam, TextFeatures, AdvancedFilenames, ConversionSpecifiers, WebcamServer, RemoteControlHttp, ExternalCommands, TrackingControl, UsingDatabases, LoopbackDevice.

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