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Eventnumbers with Motion



I have a problem with the eventnumbers written by motion into the mysql-database. Every day at 6pm my motion is killed and restarted by a cronjob. This is because of performance problems with the physical machine. The problem of this is, that motion begins to count from 1 with the eventnumbers and it can happen, that I have multiple events with the same eventnumbers thrown over the day. This is a bit tricky to workaround in my webinterface, that I have scripted for my videoserver.

Now my question: Is it possible to give a random value to the eventnumber? Or an other option to make an event really unique?

Kind regards, S. Waigant

PS: Please apologize my english skills. smile

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Motion version: 3.2.11
ffmpeg version:  
Libraries: ffmpeg, mysql, postgresql
Server OS:  

-- SergeiWaigant - 03 Feb 2009


Hi Sergei,

No way to give random values to events ... because we want that when motion start first event has 1 as value. The way to make unique a event is change to timestamp value , however you can use name of saved images / video that already you can setup as unique ( i.ex timestamp + number thread ) .

-- AngelCarpintero - 14 Feb 2009
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