PWC - Installation Stand Alone Module Fedora Core 4

Installation of PWC as Stand Alone Module Fedora Core 4

How to install pwc in Fedora core 4 working.

In the following we install PWC 10.0.7 instead of the old driver that comes with FC4.

Note PWC 10.0.6a and 10.0.7a will not build on stock kernel 2.6.12

Solution is to use Fedora FC4 kernel sources. It should not be needed to install kernel sources. The header files needed are in the /lib/modules tree.

I installed pwc-10.0.7a

First we need to get rid of the old 9.2 version. Delete the directory and the file in it:
rm -R /lib/modules/

Unload the old module if it is already there

/sbin/rmmod pwc

Copy the pwc-10.0.7a tarball to any place.

Untar it:

tar zxvf pwc-10.0.7a.tar.gz


tar jxvf pwc-10.0.7a.tar.bz2

if the package is a bzip2 compressed, as shown in the last case

Enter the directory and build and install the new driver (as root):

cd pwc-10.0.7a
make && make install

Now, check if the new binary pwc.ko is in the path /lib/modules/ and watch what permissions it has:

ls -l /lib/modules/

Problably you will want to change them to 744 like the other modules that live there. If so, go there:

cd /lib/modules/

and type (as root):

chmod 744 pwc.ko

All you need to do now is load the module.

/sbin/modprobe pwc

Keep video devices read/write for normal users

By default, video devices keep on getting rw only for root. If you also want the video devices to be world accessible, edit this file:


Change this line

<console>  0600 <v4l>        0600 root

to this

<console>  0666 <v4l>        0666 root

And save the file.

Setting up udev for video devices

Setup udev for the video*

Go to this directory

cd /etc/udev/rules.d

create a new text file called 05-local.rules I use nano (I hate vi).

nano 05-local.rules

Make just this one line.

KERNEL=="video*",               MODE="0666"

Save it cntl-O and quit cntl-X
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