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About PWC version 10 Text below is a derived from the pwc 10.X readme file PWC version 10 is a fork of the discontinued pwc driver originally made by Nemosoft U...
Application Programming Interface for PWC 10 Introduction This is the new API (Application Programming Interface) document for the Philips webcams pwc versi...
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about pwc Since this is a Wiki you are welcome to improve the answers or add new questions/answers. You do not need to ask for pe...
Installation of PWC * Installation as a stand alone Kernel module The recommended easy way * Installation by patching Kernel 2.6.X The hard way mainly ...
Install By Patching and Re building Kernel 2.6 This document describes how to patch your kernel sources to include pwc . Download The Linux Kernel Sources Downlo...
Installation of PWC as Stand Alone Module Fedora Core 4 How to install pwc in Fedora core 4 working. In the following we install PWC 10.0.7 instead of the old dri...
Install As Stand Alone Module with Kernel 2.6 Download pwc sources Download the file .tar.bz2 (or the last available ...
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How can establish the old webcam with my ubuntu system?
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Compilation with SUSE Linux Distribution SUSE Linux v9.3 Linux kernel 20a default Having downloaded pwc 10.0.7, and unpacked the kernel s...
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This site is no longer maintained and the wiki has been turned to a read only wiki Welcome to the home of PWC Documentation Project. This is a web based collabora...
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Working Cameras with pwc Supported cameras: * PCA645VC * PCA646VC * PCVC675K "Vesta" * PCVC680K "Vesta Pro" * PCVC690K "Vesta Scan" * PCVC...
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