Motion - Howto Motion Pwc Free BSD

Howto use Motion with pwc port in FreeBSD

Get the pwc port

cd /usr/ports/multimedia/pwcbsd/
make install
kldload pwc ( now plug your webcam, if it's plugged then unplug & plug )

Enable mmap support to allow work with motion

Load the module , please take a look to README file for further details.

Get v4l_compat port

cd  /usr/ports/multimedia/v4l_compat
make install 

Get Motion

- via SVN

1) Get svn version

mkdir motion
cd motion
svn co .

2) compile with pwcbsd support

./configure --with-pwcbsd
gmake ; gmake install

3) Setup motion

Make sure to use the right video device (pwc uses /dev/video0), also check that the resolution in motion is set to the same resolution of the pwcbsd driver.
Optional pwcbsd settings:

you can modify /boot/device.hints and add the following line"1"

to get frame statistics when closing connection to webcam. Reboot after editing (see also 'man pwc' for webcam LEDs and Frame buffer options)

-- KristenSchat - 08 May 2008

- via Freebsd Port tree

1) Get motion port from FreeBSD

( only for 3.2.9 , 3.2.10 already include it ) 

cd /usr/port/multimedia/motion 
make deinstall
make distclean
make config #( leave BKTR checked )# 
make configure

2) Get this patch and apply it.

patch -p1 < FreeBSD-pwc-patch.diff

3) Compile motion:

make install clean

4) Setup motion

Remember to follow webcam information , i.ex pwc uses /dev/video0 as video device but not sure others modules.

-- AngelCarpintero - 13 Jan 2008
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