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This patch is to use mysql2300 over windows. The pre requit is the libmysql.dll which can be found on the mysql site. mysql2300.c mysql2300.exe libmysql.dll
Question Trying to install open2300 with Ubuntu 9.10. When I enter "make install", I get the following error: ouroasis@ouroasis:~/open2300 1.10$ make install mkdi...
NEW - 15 Feb 2010 - 02:33 by MattParker
Frequently Asked Questions about Open2300 How do I add a question and answer to this FAQ? Just hit the edit button and add a question in the same format as this ...
r12 - 01 Dec 2009 - 22:52 by DrLizAu
BUG: I use open2300 from SVN. config file is the default one. ~ # open2300 0x376 r 1 Read Commands sent: 82 8E 9E 9A C6 Address: 0377 0376 Data: AA open2300 s...
NEW - 30 Nov 2009 - 16:46 by RonanSALMON
BUG: when you try to retrieve data from the station's datalogger it won't get anything. histlog2300 runs just for 1 second and then it closes itself. The other t...
NEW - 14 Oct 2009 - 13:42 by SandroAntonucci
Question when you try to retrieve data from the station's datalogger it won't get anything. histlog2300 runs just for 1 second and then it closes itself. The othe...
NEW - 13 Oct 2009 - 20:03 by SandroAntonucci
Modifications of WS23XX Weather Stations Kenneth Lavrsen's Wind Sensor Modification Uncle Richy's Cat5 WS2300 ...
r4 - 03 Oct 2009 - 16:23 by UncleRichy
Question I have a WS2300 and I would like to use it under Openwrt 8.09.I use the package: open2300_1.11_mipsel.ipk The installation takes place without errors. Wi...
NEW - 08 Sep 2009 - 12:16 by FrankKneip
BUG: In usage description, explanation links to light2300 insteatd of interval2300. light2300 does not work at all Test case run interval2300 without parameters...
NEW - 05 Sep 2009 - 17:31 by BobSprenger
Feature Request: Description He, I have compile mysql2300 over windows. It required a dll "libmysql.dll". I have modify some line in the mysql2300.c to be able ...
NEW - 31 Aug 2009 - 12:49 by GuenneguezThomas
Compiling Open2300 with MinGW on Windows This topic described the exact steps that you need to take to compile Open2300 on Windows. You will be guided step by ste...
r2 - 21 Aug 2009 - 10:09 by RaphaelD
Create New Related Project Topic To post a new project related to Motion all you have to do is to fill out the form below and submit it. You do not have to use th...
Metrohub Introduction Meteohub reads data from a WS2300 data extraction tool derived from the open2300 project Modification of the code (including pasting functi...
Database Structure Patch Redefine database structure for common values Introduction The current database structure for mysql fails as some typical value can not ...
r5 - 14 Apr 2009 - 21:00 by JanNoorlandt
OpenJaWS Open Java Weather Station Introduction Java based application for managing readings from weather stations. Starting with support for the WS2300 series b...
r2 - 15 Mar 2009 - 05:38 by DrLizAu
User Guide How to use the programs: All the programs now uses a config file to get information like COM port (serial device name), preferred units of dimensions,...
r6 - 14 Mar 2009 - 22:35 by DrLizAu
Feature Request: Description I have open2300 and weathergraphs running on a nsul2 debian etch box. However due to the slow processor and little ram, especially...
NEW - 02 Feb 2009 - 07:26 by MichaelPhillips
Question System: WS2300 Thinkpad X41 Ubuntu 8.10 histlog2300 v. 1.10 Running histlog2300 takes a few minutes, output then includes all data records, but onl...
r3 - 13 Jan 2009 - 14:00 by LjJr
Foswiki's Open2300 web
NEW - 09 Jan 2009 - 12:00 by ProjectContributor
" else="Foswiki's Open2300 web"}% /Open2300
NEW - 09 Jan 2009 - 12:00 by ProjectContributor
BUG: I have a WS 2310 11STWC and the software (Open2300 version 1.10) doesn't seem to perform as expected. Basically, the XML output looks ok, but most of the ot...
NEW - 02 Jan 2009 - 23:33 by JeffPoole
Question Hey guys, I have a problem with a ws2350 connected by a com port to my soekris net4801 (wich is running a debian system on a compact flash card). When I ...
r2 - 31 Dec 2008 - 12:12 by GillesLoriquer
Question light2300 don't work. And You? fetch2300,histlog2300 work. This is the info written on the weatherstation: ws 2300 11 01/2007 V23 S A Environment Ope...
r2 - 27 Dec 2008 - 00:00 by BenoitB
Main.SteveHoldoway 26 Dec 2008
NEW - 26 Dec 2008 - 04:19 by SteveHoldoway
Modify the code to use the linux curl libraries to deliver data to the Weather Underground Site Introduction The current code, which talks to the weather undergr...
NEW - 26 Dec 2008 - 04:17 by SteveHoldoway
Feature Request: Description He I Have done a program that extract info into a lst file that is compatible with Heavy Weather Publisher. With this script, you c...
NEW - 10 Dec 2008 - 10:28 by GuenneguezThomas
ws2300 A Python Driver for the WS 2300 Introduction ws2300 is an open source driver for the WS 2300, and as such does a similar job to Open2300 albeit in a rat...
r2 - 20 Nov 2008 - 06:58 by RussellStuart
Set Time From Server Synchronise WS2300 time from the PC clock Introduction For those of us not in reach of DCF (eg me Sydney, Australia) it would be handy to ...
r5 - 12 Nov 2008 - 09:10 by JohnHay
Feature Request: Description Hi, The current version of open2300 (1.10) works partially under FreeBSD. The old version (1.8) can evidently be made to work by c...
r3 - 11 Nov 2008 - 09:49 by JohnHay
I used to have my WS2300 located right next to a small, dedicated server running Windows XP. Connecting the weather station to the server, and the server to my ho...
r7 - 27 Sep 2008 - 09:25 by JanNord
BUG: You need to change line: UNIQUE KEY `timestamp` (`timestamp`) by: UNIQUE KEY `datetime` (`datetime`) or by UNIQUE KEY `timestamp` (`datetime`) in mysql2300....
NEW - 03 Sep 2008 - 22:33 by KiwiHC16
Question I'm looking for my first weatherstation and it seems that this is maybee the only Opensource sw available for Linux. As the sw is created for some specif...
r3 - 02 Sep 2008 - 21:06 by KiwiHC16
Question In CWOP, the servers for registered Radio Amateur users need a verification code to accept data. In win2300.c : I had to modify the "pass" value in funct...
NEW - 13 Aug 2008 - 09:56 by PaulGogan
BUG: Daylight savings time is not taken into consideration when reporting the UTC time to weather underground. Test case Run wu2300 when daylight savings time i...
NEW - 07 Aug 2008 - 05:45 by RexWheeler
Question Hi, I've been using open2300 project for 2 years on a WS2300 weather station, i'm running it on a old Pentium 3 (700mhz). I had like no problem during al...
r2 - 28 Jul 2008 - 09:33 by EDeVito
Weathergraphs.php Weather Graphs made on the fly by PHP Introduction Please introduce your project. What does it do? Detailed Description Weathergraphs version...
r3 - 20 Jul 2008 - 16:46 by MichaelPhillips
Question I would like to create the BDD with pgsql. But there is only a mysql23200.sql file to create mysql BDD/table. How can I do to create the BDD/table under ...
r2 - 18 Jul 2008 - 11:50 by EDeVito
BUG: In Open 2300 V1.10 / Linux version only the default servers defined in rw2300.c are used. This is a little bug inside get_configuration of library rw2300.c ...
NEW - 25 May 2008 - 22:19 by DL1FAC
Feature Request: Description I guess with the data all ready some one could make a nice index.html to show all the weather data like the heavy weather does. But...
r2 - 25 May 2008 - 09:47 by RaymondDay
Feature Request: Description Hallo, just wondering if is possible to compile/use this thing on Irix 6.5 ? Because using it for example on SGI Indy will be a per...
NEW - 23 May 2008 - 07:55 by DamirBuljan
Question $ time fetch2300 xxx real 3m55.682s user 0m0.012s sys 0m0.332s Also, $ light2300 on Doesn't do anything at all. Environment Open2300 version: 1.1...
NEW - 21 May 2008 - 12:38 by RickRichardson
Question This may be a bug but I will ask here first. cw2300 is always connecting to on port 23 regardless of the servers listed in ...
r3 - 08 May 2008 - 22:15 by StanCrump
BUG: many errors !! Test case root@server:/home/john/open2300# make install mkdir p /usr/local/bin install open2300 /usr/local/bin install: cannot stat `open23...
r3 - 01 May 2008 - 08:49 by RodrigoOliveira
Question Hello I live in Auckland, New Zealand and there is no radio controlled time signal that my LaCrosse WS2350 is able to find to automatically update the da...
r2 - 27 Apr 2008 - 22:08 by GrantGardner
Question Hello, I am trying to get this software to work on my XP machine. I have: Open OS 1.10 Win XP Pro SP2 La Crosse 2300 connected via Com1 When I run an...
NEW - 08 Apr 2008 - 03:50 by GregGreg
MEMORY MAP FOR WS 2300 This is the currently known memory map of a WS23XX weather station. If you find more information please add it to the table. Do not be afra...
r17 - 14 Mar 2008 - 02:29 by BradNeedham
Patch Title Introduction I took a look at a problem open2300 user often faced: there was a difference between rain_total in the history and the current value.Som...
r3 - 08 Mar 2008 - 18:06 by OschenLars
Patch Title Dynamic rain offset calculation Introduction Several times is was reported that the WS2300 has different value for rain_total. The value displayed ...
r3 - 01 Mar 2008 - 18:26 by OschenLars
BUG: I have Problems with mysqlhistlog2300. My workstation shutdowns at 01:30 am and start at 05:25 am. During the processing time cron starts every five minutes...
r3 - 01 Mar 2008 - 10:26 by OschenLars
Question open2300 mysql database is only showing 99.9 maximum temperature Environment Open2300 version: 1.10 Libraries: mysql, postgresql Serv...
r2 - 01 Mar 2008 - 10:18 by OschenLars
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